bare•bones #17


Inside the seventeenth issue of bare•bones, you will find:
Larry Blamire on the classic television heyday of the working class criminal
The Fugitive reimagined in print — reviewed by Tim Lucas
William Schoell follows Craig Stevens in Man of the World
Exhuming Federico Curiel’s Nostradamus cycle with Derek Hill
Randall D. Larson on his early life as a fanzine publisher
Four paperback originals by Marvin H. Albert explored by J. Charles Burwell
Peter Enfantino downs another Six-Pack of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine
Destination: Santa Barbara in Duane Swierczynski’s Field Guide to L.A. Pulp
S. Craig Zahler reviews two pair of titles from Marvin H. Albert and Ben Haas
Fresh filth is unearthed in Sleaze Alley by Peter Enfantino
David J. Schow on the origin of the Splatterpunk Awards
And you’ll find Bats in Your Belfry in John Scoleri’s Monster Gallery