bare•bones #18


In this issue, you will find:
• William Schoell tunes into Science Fiction Theatre
• An overlooked classic, No Grave for Us, reviewed by Bryan Kuriawa
• Larry Blamire hits the front lines to experience Combat first hand
• Curt Siodmak and His Dr. Patrick Cory Trilogy celebrated by Matthew R. Bradley
• Peter Enfantino highlights the best of Pre-Code Horror in Adventures Into Terror
• The Big Caper and Alfred Hitchcock Presents examined by Jack Seabrook
• Peter Enfantino delivers another Six-Pack of Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine
• It’s time for destination: Tarantino in Duane Swierczynski’s Field Guide to L.A. Pulp
• S. Craig Zahler reviews some LitRPG . . . and more
• Can you stand to see what Peter Enfantino has uncovered in Sleaze Alley?
• Our very own David J. Schow portrayed Freddy Krueger — read all about it!
• In space, no one can hear styrene, in John Scoleri’s Monster Gallery